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Despa OK, s.r.o.
Kozelkova 272
503 51 Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Česká republika

Tel.: +420 495 484 502
Fax.: +420 495 485 188


About us

Dear business friends, czech engineering firm DESPA OK s.r.o. Chlumec nad Cidlinou would like to introduce itself that originated in 2001 through the transformation of the firm DESTA Decin. The more that 20-year-long history of metal-working means a permanent business position in the Czech market. The main activities of our firm are:

•    metal-working
•    production and sale of battery driven utility trucks according to customers’ needs
•    production and sale of spare parts for DESTA fork-lift trucks
•    sale of new DESTA, BELET and MELEX handling machinery and your service

The firm DESPA OK, Ltd. introduced on 11.04.2002 and uses the system quality EN ISO 9001:2000.

As for metal-working we offer working (lathe work, milling, boring etc.) of big workpieces and casts (steel, cast steel, stainless steel, grey cast iron and ductile cast iron) of up to 600 kg with classical, NC and up-to-date CNC machines. A separate chapter is the production of driving and steering axles and axle housing for fork-lift trucks with front and side loading. Welding, burning, edge bending and material heat treatment as well as painting make our service in the field of metal-working complete.
We have been cooperating with many foundries and forges for many years and so we produce the parts including forged and cast pieces and semi-products of the appropriate quality. With the firm ELITEX OK Jablonec nad Jizerou we are able to secure the production of gear wheels, gear belt pulleys, gear combs, chain-junction, grooved shafts and gear-box with high precision and quality.
The company DESPA OK develops, designs and introduces in the market a global solution of intra-plant transport in the form of production of ecological battery driven utility trucks. Our firm produces trucks for you that are designed specifically according to your ideas and activities.

DESPA OK sales new DESTA, BELET and MELEX handling machinery. To ensure the optimal use of your handling machinery and fork-lift trucks during all their lifetime we offer you technical support, consultancy, spare parts and accessories. Our workers, up-to-date service cars, a newly built stock and a shop with spares in Chlumec n. C. are at your disposal.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with you

                       DESPA OK Chlumec nad Cidlinou
                                                   ………….metal-working and handling machinery for you

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