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Battery driven platform trucks

AP and AP-C series battery driven platform trucks are ecological means of transport/AP20BK.gif for local transport of all kinds of material and goods in industrial plants, stocks, railway stations, post offices, hospitals etc. Their measurements fit in elevators, hallways and carriages. They are characterized by comfort for driver and passenger, easy operation and high manoeuvrability. To increase their range of application it is possible to equip them with many accessories. To be able to drive on tertiary roads they are equipped with all operation lights (main, parking, indicator and brake lights and reverse drive indicating light).

The battery driven AP 16 B trucks are designed for the loading capacity up to 1600 kg, AP 20 B trucks for the loading capacity of 2000 kg and AP 40 C trucks for the loading capacity of 4000 kg. AT 10 C is a truck with the loading capacity of 3350 kg and it can serve as a tow tractor with the traction force up to 10 000 kg at the same time. Both trucks series can be equipped with traction batteries with the capacity of 210-560 Ah

AP trucks are produced with an electrical system with the voltage of 48 V or 80 V. Electric control is electronic, travel speed is regulated with a foot pedal. The movement direction forwards and backwards is shifted with a lever regulator under the steering wheel. AP 20 B and AT 4 A trucks have hydraulic steering, AP 16 B mechanical, hydraulic on request. Brakes are hydraulic with discs on rear axle, at AP 20 B and AT 4 A there is moreover a hydraulic drum brake on the front axle. Parking brake is mechanical on the electric motor shaft.

AP-C trucks have an electrical system with the voltage of 48 V and ZAPI Dual Sem new electronic control. Travel speed and direction (forward and reverse) are regulated with a foot pedal and further with a speed switch situated on the dashboard. AP 40 C and AT 10 C trucks have a new driving axle with two motors with the performance of 2 x 4.5 (6) kW. The steering of these trucks is hydraulic, brakes can be drum brakes on the front axle and multiple-disc brakes on the rear axle, parking brake is mechanical.

There is an operation hours and battery discharge indicator on the dashboard. We can equip the trucks with a fixed cabin for operation in the open air where we can even add heating inside.

AP 16 B and AP 20 B battery driven trucks have been awarded the certificate of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic of approval of the technical qualification to drive on roads.

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